Attention to Roll Call!

Hello Sarge is a blog dedicated to the men and women of law enforcement, their families and loved ones. This blog was designed to share stories and perspective of our experiences on the street.

We here at Hello Sarge are all active duty LEO’s from a large full service police department in the Washington D.C area. We look forward to sharing some of our experiences from the street and to hear your stories as well! 

    As the blog grows, we will be introducing new content ranging from current police culture at our department, gear reviews, guest authors, interviews, and whatever you guys want to discuss or see in the blog.

Have a story to tell? We would love to hear it! Just post your story in the comment section, or email the Sarge and we’ll get it up on the blog. We will be posting 2 stories a week to get the ball rolling.

Take your assignments, please be safe.